Threading & Eyebrow Shaping

We are eyebrow specialists in the heart of Santa Monica. At Latiff Studio, we specialize in threading, waxing and tweezing of the eyebrows. Depending on a client's skin type and age, we may utilize all methods or just one. We truly believe eyebrows not only frame the eyes but can make a big difference in one's overall looks.

For men looking for a long-lasting look, we thread around the forehead, eyebrows, and cheeks.

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Nose Black Head Removal - Women & Men

Don't have time to see a dermatologist. In eight minutes, we can remove black heads without the pain of using extraction tools or squeezing your skin. No pain, redness or discomfort.


Re-Growth of Thinning Eybrows & Hair

For both women and men, we apply all natural and organic oils, extracts and herbs to re-grow thinning eyebrows and hair. This method is thousands of years old. If you can commit yourself to a weekly visit, we can re-grow thinning eyebrows and hair.

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Organic Treaments of Arms, Back, Neck & Hands

At Latiff Studio, we use all natural organic scrubs, rejuvenating exfoliants, and cleansers to treat pimples, dark spots, wrinkles, and premature aging of neck and hands.


Organic Skin Care & Facials

At Latiff Studio, we believe in and work with only herbal, organic and natural ingredients to make all cleansers, masks,  and exfoliants. Each face and neck treatment is customized to one's skin type. Our skin care specialty is acne and acne scars, skin lightening, and anti-aging treatments. No chemicals, no preservatives, and no artificial ingredients are ever applied.


Professional Makeup Services

We offer professional makeup services for any occasion - casual daytime events, evening events, and formal events. Our make-up is all organic and either European or US-made.  We begin all our make-up sessions with cleansing and skin preparation followed by concealing what needs to be covered/hidden.  Our services are customized based on your skin type, event type, and your personal preferences.

We also offer makeup tutorials, teaching you how to best apply makeup to bring out your natural beauty.

Price List

We offer a scaling price list.  We believe that anyone with any level of financial means is entitled and deserves to look their best.  Do not let your pocket book dictate what services you can or cannot receive. Call us and we will work with you!